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Geophysical data inversion and numerical forward modelling. Summer School in Carlingford, Ireland

On May 14-20, 2023, the third IMPROVE Network School was held in Carlingford, Ireland, under the leadership and organization of partner DIAS. The school was attended by 23 young researchers, including 14 IMPROVE ESRs and 9 other participants, coming from 10 different countries in Europe.

The school focused on geophysical data inversion and numerical modeling, by exploring both theoretical and practical aspects of these techniques. Examples from seismic and acoustic source estimations, volcano deformation, and volcano imagery using seismology and magneto-tellurics were used. The school also compared physics-based and data-driven inversion approaches, as well as new hybrid inversion methods incorporating deep learning and physical laws. Additional soft-skill elements of training included project management, research leadership, and effective communication.

A field trip to the Giant’s Causeway, on the coast of Northern Ireland, was organized to observe interlocking basalt columns. The field trip was led by Dr Michael J. Simms, Senior Curator of Geology at National Museums Northern Ireland, and Dr Mark Cooper, Chief Geologist at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI).

On the 17th of May an IMPROVE Open day was held in the Foy Centre in Carlingford, engaging primary and secondary school students as well as the local community. The day attracted a total of 213 primary school students, their teachers, and members of the public. The school students presented experiments and measurement in seismology, rock magnetics, buoyancy, wave propagation, using a variety of materials from natural rocks to different fluids. The teachers and staff commented on how organized and well run the Volcano Open day was. Overall, it was a highly successful and beneficial public outreach event.