Research Title: Thermo-mechanical modelling of the shallow magmatic body at Krafla
Time lapse virtual & earthquake source seismic imagery at Krafla

Regina Maaß

Regina Maass

Regina Maaß

Nationality: German
Institution: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS)
Country: Ireland
Research Title: Time lapse virtual & earthquake source seismic imagery at Krafla


In 2008 and 2009, rhyolitic magma was unexpectedly found at Krafla in shallow depths of 2-3 km when drilling wells. Krafla is one of the best studied volcanic systems worldwide, but no geophysical survey had previously identified the magmatic bodies. Why? Imaging small magma bodies in the uppermost layers of the Earth is challenging due to the complexity of the seismic wavefield and the limitations of common geophysical methods. Our project aims at pushing these limits by applying and developing new (seismic) imaging techniques. Using a reflection seismic configuration, we expect to image the magmarock interface(s) beneath Krafla. This will be generally helpful to improve our understanding of magmatic systems and gain insights into complex geologic settings.

Scientific Background

After completing my Bachelor‘s degree (BSc Geophysics) at University of Münster in 2019, I continued with the Master‘s degree (MSc Geophysics) at University of Hamburg. Exploring the upper layers of the Earth with seismic waves fascinated me, which is why I decided to specialize in seismology. For my Master’s thesis, I used data recorded by a fiber optic cable in Reykjanes, Iceland, to measure changes of seismic velocities over time and relate them to magmatic processes in the Earth’s crust. I graduated in March 2022. Since June 2022, I am a PhD student at DIAS. As part of the IMPROVE project, I focus on seismic imaging in volcanic systems.

Activity Record

2022Regina Maass, Christopher J. Bean, Ka Lok LiSeismic imaging of shallow magma bodies in complex volcanic settings: example from Krafla, Iceland.AGUPresentation
2023Regina Maass, Christopher J. Bean, Ka Lok LiSeismic imaging of shallow magma bodies at Krafla, Iceland.EGUPresentation
2024Regina Maass, Christopher J. Bean, Ka Lok LiReflection imaging at Krafla volcano using local earthquakes: challenges and possible solutions.KMT Workshop

Data (from)Data (to)TypeTitleVenue
6/11/00226/16/0022SchoolGeothermal and Magmatic SystemsLaugar, Iceland
6/17/00227/3/0022Multiparametric ExperimentKrafla multiparametric experimentKrafla, Iceland
1/21/00231/23/0023Specialized Short CourseSeismology and ImagingISTerre, Grenoble, France
5/14/00235/20/0023SchoolGeophysical data inversion and numerical forward modellingCarlingford, Ireland
7/24/00237/28/0023SchoolMultiparametric Volcano Monitoring: Data Processing, Analysis and ModellingNicolosi (Mount Etna), Italy
7/23/00238/2/0023Multiparametric ExperimentEtna multiparametric experimentMt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
3/3/00243/8/0024SchoolSkience winter school - volcano seismologyBayrischzell, Germany

Data (from)Data (to)TypeVenueTitleDescription
7/3/00227/30/0022Field workKrafla, IcelandKrafla field campaignDeployment, maintenance and retrieval of 104 short-period nodes (5Hz), 10 short-period seismomters (1Hz) and 1 borehole seismometer.
8/24/00228/3/0022Field workMt. Etna, ItalyMt. Etna field campaignDeployment and retrieval of 104 seismic nodes (short-period 5 Hz)