Shallow crustal density distribution and its evolution at the Krafla volcanic system
Shallow crustal density distribution and its evolution at the Krafla volcanic system

Ana Martinez Garcia

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez Garcia

Nationality: Spanish
Institution: University of Bristol
Country: United Kingdom
Research Title: Shallow crustal density distribution and its evolution at the Krafla volcanic system


This project has two main objectives the modelization of the shallow subsurface density distribution and study the short and mid-term evolution of the Krafla sub-volcanic system. To achieve these objectives static and dynamic measurement in surroundings Krafla will be acquired and added to the previous gravity surveys. The static gravity data will be inverted and
combined with other multiparametric data to obtain a good 3D model of the density anomaly beneath Krafla caldera. The dynamic gravity measurements will be process and linked with the previous microgravity surveys recorded in the last decades and jointly with ground deformation will allow us to know the evolution of the sub-volcanic system.

Scientific Background

I graduate from University of Salamanca with a BSc in Geology. My undergraduate thesis was based on the characterization of zircon from Ordovician volcanoclastic sediments to know the date of the responsible eruption for the sediments in the Cantabrian Zone. I continued with a master’s degree in Geophysics and Geology of Reservoirs at University of Barcelona where I had the opportunity to do my thesis in the National Research Center of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera (CSIC-ICTJA) working jointly with the seismic group to study the mid-crustal discontinuity along the Variscan Iberia interpreting jointly different deep seismic profiles. This research was recognized with an award to one of the best national master thesis for the year 2020 for the Spanish Geological and Miner Institute.

Activity Record

2023Ana Martinez Garcia, Joachim Gottsmann, and Alison Rust The long-term evolution at Krafla Volcanic System, Iceland, by time-lapse microgravity.EGU General Assembly 2023Poster
2024Ana Martinez Garcia, James Wookey, Alison Rust, & Joachim Gottsmann.Model of the shallow crustal density distribution of the Krafla Volcanic SystemThe Volcanic and Magmatic Studies GroupPoster

Data (from)Data (to)TypeTitleVenue
6/11/20226/16/2022SchoolGeothermal and Magmatic SystemsLaugar, Reykjadalur, North Iceland
6/11/20226/16/2022SchoolGeothermal and Magmatic SystemsLaugar, Reykjadalur, North Iceland
6/17/20227/3/2022Multiparametric ExperimentKrafla multiparametric experiment Krafla, Iceland
1/21/20231/23/2023Specialized Short CourseSeismology and Imaging ISTerre, Grenoble, France
3/27/20233/21/2023Specialized Short CourseVolcano GeodesyBristol, UK
5/15/20235/19/2023SchoolGeophysical data inversion and numerical forward modellingCarlingford, Ireland
7/24/20237/28/2023SchoolMultiparametric Volcano Monitoring: Data Processing, Analysis and ModellingNicolosi (Sicily), Italy
7/23/20238/2/2023Multiparametric ExperimentEtna multiparametric experiment Mount Etna (Sicily), Italy
2/9/20232/9/2023Digital Training ModuleHow to write your first paper and get it published Online

Data (from)Data (to)TypeVenueTitleDescription
6/17/20226/29/2022Field campaignKrafla, Iceland Gravity Survey Dynamic and Static Gravity measurements in combination with GPS.
10/1/202311/1/2023Secondment Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS)Secondment at DIASComparison of the static gravity with reflexion seismic.
2/1/20243/7/2024SecondmentSecondment at Chambery and GrenobleSecondment at l'Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre)Combination of gravity with seismic tomography and joint inversion